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Licensed and Insured in Salina Kansas

Homecare Safety Policy

dog safety
For us, ensuring your home's security is just as important as providing excellent pet care. We want you to feel comfortable and secure while you're away. Always Home's safety policies include:
  • Respecting closed doors. If a pet does not have access to an area of the home, there is no reason for us to access it.
  • Not bringing anyone else into your home. Only our staff members are allowed in your home when we care for your pets.
  • No sharing. Our staff members will not share your names, address, pet’s names, dates of travel, or any other information with anyone outside of our company.
  • Visual Check. At each visit, our staff will walk around each room to which we have access, looking for broken or open windows or and any obvious signs of a break in.

Questions? Please call us at (785) 787-2422.

Daycare Policy Requirements

  • Pets at least 10-12 weeks of age with at least 2 rounds of their required health vaccinations.
  • Must be spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months old.
  • Must be socialized and be dog and people friendly.
  • Must be able to pass temperament evaluation.
  • If he or she is a new pet, must have been in your home for 2 weeks.

Daycare Health Requirements

  • Must be on a flea and tick program and have no contagious diseases
  • Must be wearing a collar with their name on it or on a tag. (state requirement)
  • Must provide a copy of shot records. (state requirement)


    • Rabies: 1 or 3 year*
    • DHP: 1 or 3
    • Parvovirus: 1 year
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